Think about your investment portfolio.

How has it done over time?

Would you like to find a way to up the returns with a very small risk?

Consider day trading a small portion of your portfolio using leveraged instruments such as futures or currency futures traded.

At the Chicago Mercantile exchange group, more and more people are day trading with futures. In 2018, the volume of futures contracts traded jumped a whopping 18 percent compared to 2017. Popular equity index futures, such as the S&P 500 Mini contracts, along with Nasdaq contracts, jumped an incredible 34 percent year over year, while interest rate products jumped 22 percent.

Here is an example of using futures to add to overall returns day trading:

If you have a $100,000 portfolio that makes an average of 7% annually over the course of the next 20 years, you will have $240,000.

If you did the same with $90,000 and allocated $10,000 in capital to day trading the markets and consistently produced 400-1000% annually, you will find that your 10% allocation is outperforming your 90% allocation. With your $10,000, you started day trading with the objective of making $400 per contact per day.

Nexgen Software teaches traders to do this with automated Fibonacci software and live online day trading educational classes.

Here is an example of returns from Nexgen’s trading plan:

As you can see, a starting balance at the first year of trading will compound into well over 400,000 dollars, assuming you average 400 net per contract per day, after fees.

The allure is obvious.

The big question? Can you achieve a higher than normal return? Can you compound a leveraged instrument such a crude oil or S&P futures to make 100% monthly? Nexgen offers free lessons and demo software for all who wish to day trade, and with a free demo they can get into class, see the rules play out live every day for high probability trades. Once you see the rules in action and you understand the potential for winning, you can then take a tiny portion of your current portfolio and allocate that money to day trading a leveraged instrument.

Sign up for a demo today and watch Nexgen’s plan in action.