Regardless of your current experience level on the “trading spectrum”, novice, part time trader or long term investor, most individuals that engage in the stock market or any other leveraged commodity trading ask themselves at some point, should I become a full time trader?  With retirement looming for many baby boomers, day trading can be a way to earn a little bit of extra income, while for others they see day trading as a full replacement to or increase in the salaries they have become accustom to in their professional career during retirement.  If you have already asked yourself, is now the right time for you to make the leap to full-time day trading? Let’s take a look at some of the basics and the Nexgen T3 Fibonacci Software and what it takes for successful trading.

Every Investor or Day Trader’s goal are different

To the novice trader the range of choices for day trading styles options and markets can be overwhelming. Nexgen Software Services would like to get you to focus on one thing. Simple rules and an easy to follow educational plan. Nexgen will teach you to reach your daily goals on one market. You will not chase the hot stocks. Nexgen Software Services will focus on one or two simple trades that repeat themselves many times each day.  Remember, day trading is not as glamorous as it is often portrayed in the movies. There is work involved and financial choices to be made and for those day traders who trade stocks or futures as a full-time career, and it requires a lot of dedication and time while learning.  Once you have learned the SKILL of trading, your profit will be made by sitting in front of a computer screen for a few hours at a time with and wait for your perfect setups. So, if you’re considering becoming a full time day trader career, remember this statement John Novak uses all the time while teaching his online class, “Nexgen will teach you to make your daily profit goals with the least amount of effort possible, with the least amount of charts and indicators as possible,and rules that are simple and easy to learn.”  Keep it simple is encouraged.

Want free day trading money? Forget that hype!

Here at Nexgen, we use our Fibonacci day trading software to teach day traders like yourself,to be successful, and we love it! Today’s post is intended to open your eyes to learn what it really takes to become a day trader, and whether or not full-time day trading is a consideration you should start to think about. We want you to set realistic expectations to achieve your goals and Nexgen wants to help you get there through the use of our day trading software. But before we get started, here are some necessary prerequisites you need to consider having before making your occasional day trading experiences into a full-time job.

 3 ultra important elements to your success as a trader

Your teacher/ trainer is the most important component of your new career. 

If you are ready to jump into the swing of trading for a living, you MUST have the proper teacher. If you purchase the best golf clubs in the world, this will not make you a great golfer. You cannot buy your way to success. You must be taught how to be successful. Just as Tiger Woods, or any of the top golfers from every generation have used “teachers” to make them better.  Nexgen uses all of it’s educational resources, such as our day trading software, our trading chat rooms, online educational content and one-on-one education as the key to a successful full-time day trading career for our clients. Without proper training, how can you hope to be successful, even if you purchased the best equipment? Without proper training, success will be a far reaching dream. Nexgen provides extensive educational tools to our users, we know you’ll have the knowledge to set yourself up for success.  Most of our clients say, “Nexgen’s training is second to none”.  You will see this during your demo time.

Your “edge” over the stock , futures or Forex markets is paramount

In theory, practice makes perfect; not so in day trading! No matter how many years you put into your day trading career you will NEVER be perfect. Same with golf, a perfect round is possible. A hole in one on all 18 would be perfect. You are as likely to be PERFECT trading as you are to shoot an “18” on your next round of golf. Nexgen Software Services main focus is to teach you to use our Fibonacci Trading software and  define a super “edge”.   This edge will allow you in real time to determine your potential risk (which you need to be very small)  and potential reward ( which you need to be very big) on every possible trade. To risk the absolute LEAST amount of money and to maximize each trades profit potential on every trade is what Nexgen’s Fibonacci software will give you. You will also learn to define those perfect spots to trade during your demo time. 

The ability to practice, test and apply your trading plan and skills in the real world. 

Bottom line, NO ONE makes money trading the markets consistently if they do not have the skills to be successful.  Nexgen software gives you the training, the software and the ability to practice and receive real time feedback and training on your trading. You will gain knowledge on every trade you place on the real world simulation trading platform that Nexgen offers with the demo. Practice without risking a penny in the market. It is this ability to practice with 1000’s of repetitions and proving to yourself that you CAN and WILL make money day trading the markets that sets you apart. Every trader experiences losses and wins, the difference between the great traders and the poor traders, is that the great traders follow a strict plan, that they have proven works, so when they take the losers they understand this is a cost of getting to the winners.  When you practice using Nexgen’s software properly in our live trading chat room during your demo, you will get instant feedback from our trainers on how to fine tune each and every trade. 

dreamstime_12976914The choice to switch to day trading for a living is not to be taken lightly

Bottom line, you must PROVE that your trading plan works. We hope this is the only way that you will realistically jump into trading that has endless financial rewards for those who do it correctly, but may also have great financial risk for those that do not trade properly. Proving that Fibonacci and our trading plan works and you can do it, is Nexgen’ focus with all of our new traders during your demo time. While learning, you will not be the best day trader in two weeks during your free demo time however, you will understand the path you need to take to being successful. You will understand the power of being able to predict, exact entries and exits in the markets of your choice using our Fibonacci software. No matter if you intend on day trading markets like stock options, S&P futures or trade currencies in the Forex market, the proof that our teaching, software and trading rules work will give you the confidence to help you make that leap into full time trading. 

Key takeaways.

Education is most important! With few exceptions there are not many uneducated rich people in any professional field. The day trading world can and will be extremely cruel to the uneducated. Day trading with the Fibonacci tools and education Nexgen provides is essential if you’re planning on making the switch to become a full-time day trader. Precision in timing your entries and exits is a must. Although day trading can be an extreme emotional roller coaster ride, most traders will tell you it’s worth it, and we stand behind that statement. It will be exciting and immensely rewarding if you learn to trade well.

To learn more about our day trading software online at Nexgen, sign up for a free demo and we will teach you what you need to know. If you have any questions or concerns regarding today’s blog post, feel free to reach out to us. Everyone at Nexgen is standing by help you learn to use your software correctly. Take the time to utilize our free demo period, learn the software and rules for yourself and in the end, you will be able to make an informed choice if day trading as a career is right for you!

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Please read the following disclaimer. Futures Forex and any type of speculative trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones’ financial security or life style. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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