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(6/10/2021) New Install of Nexgen T3 Software with Ninja Trader 7– this will also download all current works spaces & templates. (unblock installers information)
Download 64-bit_New_Install 6/10/2021
 (6/10/2021) Update Work Spaces & Templates to the most current version. can run with ninja open (unblock installers information)
Work spaces Templates Update Only_6/10/2021
Ninja Trader 8 64-Bit (6/10/2021) to install indicators, charts, templates & work spaces.


  •  Trading Computers is recommended by Nexgen,  if you call trading computers mention Nexgen Software and you will receive a discounted purchase price.
  • CPU / Processor – The faster the better. 6+ core i7 and i9 processors by Intel or 6+ cores AMD models.
  • Hard Drives – M.2 drives are fastest. . A trading computer can benefit more from having a small, fast M2. or SSD minimum 30 GB free
  • Laptops should run Windows fastest power plan designed to maximize CPU power.
  • Monitors- 2-  32 inch monitors is recommended. More is better! If you are running a laptop, we recommend a 32 inch extra screen.
  • Internet Speed – 30 MB+ of download bandwidth is all you need for your trading software.
  • Windows 10-  If your computer is old enough for Windows 7, it is time to update your machine.
  • Graphics Cards / Most are OK now- Better video cards do help render faster GTX 1050 + if running Ninja 8. Cards provide for multiple monitor support best. 
  • Mac / Apple users – must install VM-Ware and install windows on a new drive partition in order to run our software.

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  • “I have been using the T3 indicators since May 05 and can now honestly say I couldn’t trade without them. They are the absolute key to all my trading decisions”
    Ben W
  • “I purchased T- 3 Fibs Pro Trader in August 2005 and started trading live and have reached what I consider very successful as I am at a level of income trading.”
    Mac M.
  • “I have a job so I can’t trade a lot during the week. But I’m close to retirement and invested in your software to supplement my retirement income. Supplement? Holy mackerel. How about triple it? ”
    Tom K
  • “At my 2 yr anniversary as an owner of Nexgen software. I use the software to successfully trade the Russell ,Feeder Cattle and Natural Gas. I also use the software to manage my stock portfolio. ”
    Mike D
  • “My Trading Skills have been greatly enhanced due to this software… Nexgen was supportive through the learning process and trading is now shooting fish in a barrel using this software.”
  • “On average I pull about 4-5 points a day, trading about 4 hours a day. 2 hours at the open and 2 hours at the close. T-3 is a great supplement to my day job.”
    Mark C.
  • “I have owned your T3 Fibs software and traded successfully for 5 years. I find that the program, particularly in the easy to read chart form delivers tradable setups with clear targets. ”
  • “I have dealt with other programs over the years, but Nexgen is the only company that will spend the extra time with you to make sure that you meet and exceed you financial goals each day. ”
    Perry C
  • “This is hands down the best educational and training software on the market and I have purchased multiple platforms over the years and nothing holds a candle to Nexgen’s T3 and I use it every day. ”
    Snell J
  • “It took only a short time to see its efficacy and I bought it. Compared to the tremendous cost losing Nexgen was cheap. John Novak and his staff are committed to constantly refining and perfecting a technical analysis a trading system that is the epitome bar none. ”
    John L
  • “If you want to be a successful trader this is your vehicle. The inventor and CEO, John Novak, is committed to your success as a Nexgent3 trader. ”
    Mikel D
  • “I have been using T-3 Fibs ProTrader for over 10+ years and it is the best Fibonacci-based software I have used!”
    John F
  • “Everyone at Nexgen helped me, starting with the CEO, John Novak. John is determined to make the best trading software in the world, and have the best staff possible to teach you how to use it.”
    Satisfied User
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