(9/17/2021) New Install of Nexgen T3 Software with Ninja Trader 7– this will also download all current works spaces & templates. (UNBLOCK THE FILE)
Download 64-bit_New_Install 9/17/2021
 (9/17/2021) Update Work Spaces & Templates to the most current version. can run with ninja open (UNBLOCK THE FILE)
Workspaces Templates Update Only_9/17/2021
Ninja Trader 8 64-Bit (9/17/2021) install indicators, charts, templates & workspaces. UNBLOCK THE FILE


  •  Trading Computers is recommended by Nexgen,  if you call trading computers mention Nexgen Software and you will receive a discounted purchase price.
  • CPU / Processor – The faster the better. 6+ core i7 and i9 processors by Intel or 6+ cores AMD models.
  • Hard Drives – M.2 drives are fastest. . A trading computer can benefit more from having a small, fast M2. or SSD minimum 30 GB free
  • Laptops should run Windows fastest power plan designed to maximize CPU power.
  • Monitors- 2-  32 inch monitors is recommended. More is better! If you are running a laptop, we recommend a 32 inch extra screen.
  • Internet Speed – 30 MB+ of download bandwidth is all you need for your trading software.
  • Windows 10-  If your computer is old enough for Windows 7, it is time to update your machine.
  • Graphics Cards / Most are OK now- Better video cards do help render faster GTX 1050 + if running Ninja 8. Cards provide for multiple monitor support best. 
  • Mac / Apple users – must install VM-Ware and install windows on a new drive partition in order to run our software.

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