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Automated Fibonacci- exact trading rules along with live market instruction. Use nexgen to trade any liquid market with precision & confidence

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We provide a highly educational, live market, proof based demo. We look forward to teaching you how to trade Fibonacci


NexgenT3 Software Services provides an accuracy well beyond any software I’ve either purchased or reviewed in the past. Heads up on whats happening and where the market is expected to reach and even turn. The key to success with the software is a matter of choice. Are you willing to put in the hard work and time? John Novak provides a road map and trading plan to follow. In addition he provides an educational trading room giving each trader feedback on each trade they take. His technical support is available on the spot each and every day. Those that put in the time and follow the instructions succeed, 100% of the time. Myself like many of the traders using NexgenT3, have had the software for well over 10+ years and have never looked back.


II started using the Nexgen software with absolutely no experience in the world of trading. Within a short period of time I was able to tell that the use of this method of training gave a novice, like myself, an opportunity to trade in a relatively short period of time. But has a learning curve, where with experience and time, someone can to truly take advantage of the tools that Nexgen offers them. It is immediately evident that trading as a whole is not something that is simple and at not reap immediate rewards. With that being said, John Novak (the creator of Nexgen Trading Software) and his team have put a well-oiled and constantly evolving system together that prepares you to take on the challenge of trading future commodity and option stocks. This is evolution is best displayed in the upgrades of the templates, educational page and releasing of new educational videos. I think the detail with which John and his team lay out their educational page is particularly impressive. Not only does it give you educational information on how to use the software, but it also assists you in putting together a well thought out trading plan. It even comprehensively goes over how to use the Ninja Trading platform and other miscellaneous details one may need. All of that combined provides someone with more than enough detail to be a successful trader. And if that is not enough, John holds classes every weekday for 3 hours helping you understand how to navigate the market. If a person is to set realistic expectations for their results of the software’s performance, they should be pleased with the outcome that they receive. A potentially under-appreciated benefit that Nexgen offers is its tight knit community. That ranges from our brazen teacher John Novak, to the staff members/employees who are there to assist you with various things that you may need, as well as the other members that have purchased the software and participate in the classroom. It truly never feels like you are alone in this experience. In summation, I think Nexgen is a comprehensive trading system/software with a passionate crew who is always there to help you.


A very good educational experience for new traders. The amount of time spent on the educational hand holding side is amazing. I have had software over 10 years and have watched the software and the plan and the training get better every year that I have had the software. I would highly recommend the free demo to see if this is something you would like to add to your trading. BM


The most outstanding attribute of Nexgen Software Services is the unwavering support that John
Novak provides. It doesn’t matter what level of knowledge you start with, nor does it matter how long it
takes you to acquire the confidence necessary to become a successful trader, Nexgen and John are
there to help you along the pathway to success with patience and understanding. Customer support,
whether it be technical or trade related is easily accessed and top notch. Through John’s constant
revision and updating of the software in order to make it more easily understood and utilized, it is clear
that Nexgen’s goal is to not only have a satisfied customer, but a successful one.


Hi John
I started with Nexgen demo software on 23 May 2016. Followed your instructions. Just to let you know that by (1 September 2016) I have made well over $12,000 dollars real money and as of November 15th 2016, I am trading 4-6 contracts and average well over $1,500 dollars per day now. See you in the online educational trading room tomorrow!

Thank You.
Regards Jinesh


After being an equity trader for over 15 years, I finally discovered Nexgen Software Services. The T-3 Fibs Pro Trader and John Novak’s team work hard to make sure you are a successful trader. All the education tools are provided and constantly, improved, and refined to insure your success. The automated software, (Fibonacci) will give you the truest trading signals out there. It will change your life if you take the time to learn the system, all the tools are provided for you! You will also be meeting a whole world of successful traders every day online trading the system in real time. Thanks John for your continued dedication to our success!

Mike R.

Like many I had a background in trading stock. I used fundamental analysis and candle patterns with small but reasonable success. Then I discovered Nexgen T3 ProTrader Fibonacci Trading Systems. It used indicators for technical analysis which allowed me to eliminate the time consuming fundamental analysis and immediately got my success percentages up. John Novak set me up with the system and education to use it. It took only a short time to see its efficacy and I bought it. Compared to the tremendous cost of mentoring it was cheap. Of most importance John Novak and his staff are committed to constantly refining and perfecting a technical analysis and education trading system that is the epitome bar none.


I have been using T-3 Fibs ProTrader for over 10+ years. This is the best Fibonacci-based software I have used! John Novak continuously works to improve upon the software to make anyone a successful trader IF you approach it like a business. Do not gamble with your money, learn the plan and the rules and practice until you are successful on simulator , then trade real money.


If you want to be a successful trader this is your vehicle. Nexgen is a Fibonacci based software that identifies support and resistance in any trade able market. Continuous education is included. The inventor and CEO, John Novak, is committed to your success as a Nexgent3 trader. I would highly recommend the software.

Mikel D

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