Day trading the stock or future stock markets using Nexgen T3 Fibonacci software has it’s rewards. In order to reap those rewards you must be willing to follow a plan. Conversely, when the stock market is not giving you the setups in your day trading plan sit and wait patiently.

Human nature is to do what is quickest, easiest and creates the least pain. Following a strict set of rules for a day trading with a plan and reliable software  is much like following a diet, if you do it , you have a great chance of success and do not, failure for most is the end result.

At Nexgen Software services, we have worked very hard to make sure you have a day trading software plan, understand the trading rules, and have a live class in which to ask questions and get feedback. Check out Wednesday’s trading action which included news on Crude Oil reserves that made the market spike, followed by great day trading signals. Feel free to contact us by email at