Day trade or really get paid? If you want to REALLY MAKE A LOT OF MONEY  day trading, you can’t “just” trade.  You have to perform at such an elevated level that is beyond anything you have ever learned previously. Do this and you then earn the right to REALLY get paid. To get to this super elevated level, you must have software that will define 6-15 opportunities in a day ( a trading day being 2-5 hours max ) that you can make $300-400 dollars profit and risk only $100-125 dollars average when the trade is initiated. You then have simple rules to get that risk reduced to near ZERO as quickly as possible and let the trade play out.  I have put together a video that gives you a visual, step by step lesson on how Nexgen’s very best Fibonacci traders accomplish this.

Watch this video and I am certain you will see the clear path to getting really comfortable using Nexgen’s Fibonacci software programs.